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About ITS

About ITS

Don’t know anything about survival? Neither did we!

It’s been proven that 70% of all learning comes from hands on experience.

If you’ve never opted in to a survival scenario (aka the military) or found yourself on the unlucky end of a bad situation then you’re probably like most American’s who are ill-prepared to face the impending danger that our world is getting ready to drop on us.

What Danger?

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock humanity as we know it is at the greatest precipice of it’s time.

We now have control (or should I say lack of control) over our climate, we’ve overpopulated the earth to the extent that basic resources are fast diminishing, and we’ve become so digitized and globalized that everyone is exposed to corporate manipulation (think The Matrix). Add on to that the religious and political upheaval, the imbalance of wealth and the proliferation of “me first” mentality and you’ve got a situation where only the strongest and the smartest will survive.

Are You Strong Enough and Smart Enough?

This is the exact question I found myself asking over a few beers with friends and overwhelmingly the answer was NO!

Sure we could talk the talk like everyone else and game plan how we were going to outsmart the rest of the people on the earth, but until we put ourselves to the test it was just an exercise in brainwashing ourselves to find comfort in an uncomfortable world.

The Test

Given the many impending disasters that are sure to engulf the earth in the coming century we’ve decided that we need to equip ourselves with the knowledge and experience to truly outlast the masses who will resort to pure savagery once their lives and the lives of their families are at stake.

We can’t say we blame them, it’s all they’ll be able to do being so woefully unprepared.

Given the most likely scenarios we’ll test equipment, try survival tactics and train for combat readiness in preparation for the tipping point.

You’ll get a front row seat as we publish our findings to help you piggy back off our 70% knowledge gain.

That’s Not All

Obviously it doesn’t make sense to prepare to defend our lives and also give away all our trade secrets. We’re allowing a select group into our Advanced Survival Alliance to gain access to the techniques we’d use to come out ahead of our non-paid readership (sorry guys).

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Humanity is in a death spiral and the majority of the world either chooses to ignore it or is completely oblivious.

This site is for the enlightened few who want to be ahead of the curve when shit hits the fan.

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